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June Book Review: Allegedly

My Reasons For Reading This Book While scouring the Internet in search of an online book club, I discovered the YouTube channel Candiland  and I saw that she had a video titled March and April Book Reviews and June Book Selection . Without watching the video I looked at the description of the video and found a list of the books she was reviewing. I used her links to read the descriptions of the books and chose Allegedly due to the wide range of excitement and high praised reviews that the book had. I had also never read a crime mystery that was centered around a child and was intrigued to read the perceptive of a child who lived through and survived the prison system. The raving reviews surrounding this book made me place high expectations on it.  Content of the Book Allegedly by Tiffany D. Jackson's tells the story of Mary Addison an 'alleged' baby killer. Mary was 9-years-old when she was convicted for the murder of 3-month old Alyssa Richardson. The book pick

How I Survived My First 2 Weeks of Being Low FODMAP

In this blog post I am going to explain why low fodmap is the right eating plan for me. I will give the pros and cons that I have experienced in my first two weeks for being low fodmap. I also included what I eat in a day, both regular and workout days. I also share some of the low fodmap recipes that I tried, loved and recommend. This post also includes some of the low fodmap foods that I try and will continue to repurchase. Why Low FODMAP? For as long as I can remember I have at least one stomach ache a day. One of my doctors referred me to an allergist and immunologist. Through discussing what I eat each day and when I get a stomach ache, the doctor was confident that if I ate a low fodmap diet I would no longer have stomach aches. Prior to being low fodmap I had been milk free for eight years and rarely ate gluten.  First Two Weeks Being Low FODMAP I was so excited and ready to give the low fodmap diet/eating plan a try because I had high hopes that it would work and

My First Half Marathon Experience

When it came to preparing for my first half marathon I did not follow a running or workout plan/program. Each week I would set a goal of the distance I wanted to run for each workout. I had planned to run 13.1 miles prior to actual race day, but due to vacations, having family in town, and getting sick that did not happen. So the first time I ever ran 12 miles and 13.1 was during the actual race. I would not recommend this to anyone. Why would I want to run 13.1 miles? Two years ago I was diagnosed with Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome (AMPS). I went through 12 intense weeks of Boot Camp (occupational therapy and physical therapy) to relearn how to walk, pick up objects, run, etc. The goal of Boot Camp is to return to full physical function and reduce and ultimately eliminate pain. When I started college in August of 2017 my roommate and I started going to the gym. This is when I got back into running. In October of 2017 I decided that I wanted to run a half marathon i

Review of Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why

Why 13 Reasons Why Deserves a Low Rating This review includes season 2 spoilers. After watching the first season of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why , I was left disappointed, angry and said to myself "don't waste your time watching the second season". Yet, here I am writing a review of the second season. For starters I would like to say that I respect and thank Netflix for pushing back the release date of season two as a result of the Santa Fe, Texas school shooting. When I saw Netflix's statement on social media I instantly knew that a school shooting, attempted school shooting, and/or gun violence would be apart of this season. I can only assume that the writer's reason for including such a raw and relevant topic was to present possible warning signs of school shooters. Acting  When it came to the acting in the first episode I was disappointed right from the start. It seemed as though the quality of acting had not improved, but had declined in compari

May Book Review: Wonder

May Book Review: Wonder My Reasons For Reading This Book After reading Columbine last month, I was looking for a more lighthearted and fun read. I also wanted to read Wonder by R.J. Palacio before I watched the movie since the movie is based off of the book. I had seen the trailer for the movie and found the story to be very interesting and knew that the book had to one of the books I read this year. Wonder is a lot more lighthearted compared to the books I have been reading the past few months. I felt as though I chose to read this book at just the right time in my life. Content of the Book August Pullman is a extraordinary boy who was born with a facial difference. The books begins with him starting middle school at a private preparatory school after being homeschooled since kindergarten. The book tells the story of Auggie's adjustment to school life and the lessons and experiences he had during 5th grade. The other parts of the book are told from the perspective of A