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March Book Review: Gone Girl

March Book Review: Gone Girl I am well aware of the fact that I am about four years late on reading this book. In my defense when this book was released I was too young to read it. I feel as if this was the right time and age for me to read this book. So, no regrets on not reading it sooner.  My Reasons For Reading This Book My mother is aware of the type of books that I enjoy reading and suggested I read  Gone Girl . She read the book around the time it was released and knew that the book fit the genre and books I prefer to read. My roommate also encouraged me to read it as well since she has also read it and knew I would not be able to put it down. Content of the Book  On Nick and Amy's five year wedding anniversary Amy goes missing from their Missouri home. The questions begin. Is she dead? Was she kidnapped? Who could do this? Was her husband involved? Amy was born and raised in New York and ended up reluctantly moving to Nick's Missouri hometown after they

Six Weekly Bullet Journal Spreads

Six Weekly Bullet Journal Spreads I have created six different weekly bullet journal spreads. I made and use the spreads in my digital bullet journal. The app used to make these spreads is GoodNotes . The stylus I use and highly recommend is the PILOT G2 Pen Stylus . Another option for a stylus that I think does the job just as well as the Pilot G2 Pen Stylus is the Bargain Depot Stylus 2 Pack  from Amazon.  In this post I provide a variety of different spreads (horizontal and vertical) along with different themes for each spread. 1 Page for 1 Week This first spread is a simple spread that can be used to track daily tasks, appointments and a food log for each day. I would recommend this spread for those who have just started using a bullet journal. The spread is not too complicated to recreate and is perfect for beginners for for a week when you do not have the time to make an intricate spread. To make this spread your own you could switch out t

Bullet Journal Fitness and Workout Spread Ideas

If you want to purchase some of these spreads you can buy the digital bundle from my Etsy shop: Simply Paperless .  I had created six different bullet journal fitness and workout trackers/spreads. These spreads were made in my digital bullet journal using the GoodNotes App.   I highly recommend to use a stylus when using GoodNotes as a digital bullet journal. For this project I used the Adonit Dash 3 Stylus , which I highly recommend. I also recommend the Bargain Depot Stylus 2 Pack  from Amazon. Daily Workout Plan This first spread can be used to plan out what exercises you plan to workout each day of the week. I would recommend this spread for those who are just starting to workout. I did not created the workout that is used as the example for the content of this spread. The workout is from Pintrest Workout Plan .  Workout Tracker This next tracker is in the format of a monthly calendar. In order to track the different workouts accomplished throughout

February Book Review: The Woman in the Window

February Book Review: The Woman in the Window   As mentioned in my  January Book Review: The Worst Hard Time  one of my resolutions for 2018 is to read more personal reads. Even though it is only the second month of 2018, I am changing that resolution to read a new book every month of 2018. Since I have this goal in place I have started to develop a reading wish list. My Reason For Selecting the Book I chose to read A.J. Finn's The Woman in the Window ;due to the fact that it was on iBooks Top Chart and honestly because the About the Book interested me right away. Content of the Book The main character of this book is Anna Fox. She spends her days alone in her New York City home drinking wine, playing online chess, giving advice on an online chat room, and loves and I mean loves watching old black and white movies. Agoraphoia keeps Anna from leaving the house, trying to entertain herself causes Anna to see something that she wasn't meant to see. She also spends h

Dorm Room Organization

Dorm Room Organization Organizing your dorm room as you unpack on 'Move In Day' is essential because it will kickstart your habit of staying organized throughout the course of the school year. In an upcoming blog post I will be sharing various ways to organize your dorm room closet, so be on the look out! Dresser Most dorms come with a built in dresser. The only problem is that the number of drawers in that dresser will vary depending on the school. My pro-tip when it comes to dressers is: Organize the content in the drawers the same way you had it at home . What I mean by this is if you have your pants in the bottom drawer of your dresser at home also have your pants in the bottom drawer in your dorm. By doing this you are tricking your body to preform habits that you have already developed. This also helps with making less noice well your roommate is sleeping because you don't have to open every drawer searching for where you put your pants. Another tip is the ca