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Rivals by Katharine McGee Book Review

Reasons for Reading This Book: Margo Oshry posted on her Instagram story that the fourth book in the American Royals series, American Royals lV: Reign by Katharine McGee was about to be published. Once I saw her post I rushed over to my library website to request the branch to order the fourth and final book. In doing this I realized I had not read the third book in the series, American Royals lll: Rivals by Katharine McGee . Lucky for me Rivals was available so I checked that out to read in preparation for the final book. I read the first two books in the series, American Royals (1st), and Majesty (2nd) years ago when they were first published. Here are the links to my reviews of  American Royals Book Review  and  Majesty: American Royals 2 .  I have not read Inheritance the prequel novella.   Content of This Book: American Royals is a series about a world where the United States of America has a Royal family. Beatrice is the first reigning Queen of America. Her heirs are her sis

The Gilded Years by Karin Tanabe Book Review

Reasons For Reading This Book: If you read my review of The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett then you will know that it sparked a great discussion with my mom about the topic of ‘passing’. She had read The Gilded Years by Karin Tanabe and said that it was about the same topic and highly recommended it. Since the topic of ‘passing’ was new to me and I was interested and wanting to feed into the momentum of it, I picked up a copy of The Gilded Years from the library soon after she recommended it.   Content of the Book: Anita Hemmings is the oldest of her siblings, having a younger brother and sister. Raised in Boston by her hardworking janitor father and house-making mother, both descendants of salves, Anita has dreamed of achieving higher education at the prestigious women’s Vassar College. Despite being African-American, Anita has made the dangerous decision to apply as a white student. She is the only African-American student to ever attend Vassar. Once admitted and having made it unt