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The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker Book Review

Reasons for Reading This Book I read The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker because I am a member of  The ReadHeads  podcast book club and it was the book of the month for December 2021. I love a Sitch's choice!! Before reading the book I did look at some of the review on iBooks. The one that stuck out to me and I kept thinking about throughout the whole book was that one reader said 'she hated the main character, felt no sympathy for her, found her to not be relatable at all, and could not believe that she was 26 and never lived on her own or bought her own groceries'. Even though I read this review I did not let it influence my perspective of the character and was open to form my own opinion of Calla. I was excited to read about Alaska as I have never been there and love reading about live in places that are so different from where I live.   Themes  Life is full of new experiences and new people, you just have to be open to experiencing and meeting them. Take a chance and step o

Chicken Sausage Dinner Ideas

Do you have one of those foods that you like so much you could eat it everyday? Well, for my mom that is chicken sausage. She is the one who introduced me to chicken sausage because when I would stay at her house that is what we would eat for dinner. Since I started eating chicken sausage I have come up with a couple of different ways to incorporate it into different meals.  I like chicken sausage because it is an easy to prepare protein that can be paired with all types of food depending on the flavor of chicken sausage that you get. My mom personally likes spicy chicken sausage whereas I usually go for plain or apple.  Grilled Chicken Sausage One way I love to enjoy a chicken sausage is grilled on a charcoal or outside grill. I like to get a good char so its crispy on the outside. I then wrap it in leafy lettuce. I like to either dip it in ketchup or BBQ sauce. I serve it along with a dill pickle, steamed broccoli, steamed or grilled corn, or oven roasted carrot fries. This is the pe