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January Book Review: The Worst Hard Time

January Book Review: The Worst Hard Time One of the resolutions that I made for 2018 was to read more "personal reads".What I mean by this is reading books that are not assigned to me for my college courses. I did make an exception for the mouth of January because I was reading this book for a class, but it ended up feeling less like an assignment and more like a personal read. My Reason For Selecting This Book Of the suggested books that my professor recommended for the assignment, I found The Worst Hard Time to be the most intriguing.  Content of the Book Timothy Egan’s The Worst Hard Time uncovers personal stories of what living through the 1930s Dust Bowl was really like. Reading this book is like reading a history textbook, but is told in the format of a biography.  What I Liked About the Book In the past I have seen where authors struggled to piece together a fluid story that incorporated personal stories, historic events and statistics. Egan wa

Dealing With Allergies and Dietary Restrictions in College

Dealing With Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions in College Step 1 Do your research. Look on your school's website and see if they have a director of university dinning services. I know mind does.  Step 2 If you are planning to make a visit to the school schedule a meeting with the head of dinning or director.  From my experience of doing this I meet with the director of university dinning and we went to one of the dinning halls and campus and my parent and I were shown how read the labels that they place on the food and where special allergy food was kept in the kitchen. I was also instructed to make the staff aware of who I was (my name) and what my allergies are (milk and choose to be gluten free). If the staff knows you and what your dietary needs are they can better help you when questions arise. Special Meals The dinning hall connected to my resistance hall offers a special menu for those with specific allergies. With that menu I am able to call the

Reasonable Dorm Room Cleaning Schedule

Reasonable Dorm Room Cleaning Schedule After my first semester of college I have developed a cleaning routine that I have been able to keep up with. You can read my previous blog post about What I Learned In My First Semester of College . Over the past few months I have experimented and I am confident in the routine that I have created.  Personalize When it comes to personalizing the schedule you could add or take out the different chores. For example I also wash my retainers weekly and monthly my roommate and I decorate the marker board on the outside of our door. We also only clean our mirrors when needed since we have found that they do not seem to become too dirty regularly. Something that I would make sure you sanitize every week would be the surfaces that you are constantly touching. That means light switches, door handles, and your desk. By doing this I managed to avoid getting sick when my roommate and other floor mates go sick. Another task that you could add to y

What I Learned In My First Semester of College

What I Learned In My First Semester of College I am proud to say that I have officially completed my first semester of college. In this post I will be discussing what I have learned ranging from academic to personal. I will also be including some tips and tricks at the end of the post. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule When it comes to getting everything you need to get done done, creating a schedule is the best way to do this. Whether that means having set study hours for each class or knowing what days of the week you have club meetings or workouts; scheduling is so incredibly helpful. Either using a paper planner (some schools hand them out at registration), using the reminders app on the iPhone, iCal or just a notes app, anything and everything is helpful. Dinning Hall Portion control is the greatest advice I can give for avoiding gaining weight during your first semester of college. Not drinking soda or pop at every meal and switching to water is a choice that will less