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Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi Book Review

Reasons for Reading This Book:  One of my goals for this year with reading is to read books on topics that I usually do not choose to read about. I also want to read books that discuss hard topics, taboo topics, and topics that I do not know much about. One of the topics that I wrote down when I was making this goal was books on race and slavery. I want to read books that discuss the true history of racism and spurs intellectual conservations. When choosing which book I wanted to read for this topic I looked to the internet for help. As this is not I topic I know much about or can relate to I knew that looking to someone else who knows about this topic would be my best bet. I read reviews and descriptions of lots of books on different book lists for this topic. I also looked at my library for books on this topic but because it was the month before Black History month most of them were checked out. After lots of deliberation I chose to read Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi . I chose this not only

American Royals ll: Majesty by Kathrine McGree Book Review

  Reason For Reading This Book: I am going to be honest and say that I read this book as a filler in between book club books/books that I really wanted to read. Because it was so hard to get a hold of a copy of Ghosts of Gothem to read for The Readheads Book club and I was not excited about reading that book, so I chose not to, I needed something to read until the next book club book was announced. I went through my book lists and tried to find books that I would get as an ebook from the library as I do not live near my library. None of the books that I really wanted to read were available from the library besides Majesty by Kathrine McGree . This book has been on my want to read list since it came out. I read the first one shortly before the second one was published. I had never picked it to read because I read the reviews and everyone either said it was a waste of time or simply mediocre. I was desperate so I pulled the trigger and downloaded the ebook from the library. I was prepare