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A Slow Fire Burning by Paula Hawkins Book Review

Reasons for Reading this Book I read this book in September as I am a member of the Readheads book club. I did not read Paul Hawkins award winning book Girl on the Train, but I did see the movie because I am a big Emily Blunt fan. I read Paula Hawkins book Into the Water and came to the conclusion that I would not recommend it. Going into reading this book I had a feeling that since I had not read a physiological thriller in a long time that I would either really like A Slow Fire Burning by Paula Hawkins and highly recommend it or I would not like it at all and not recommend it.  Content of the Book Miriam, a loner who lives on a house boat finds the body of a young man murdered on his house boat. Are one of the three women who recently saw him at fault for his gruesome murder? Laura, who has an interesting past herself, is the women he had a one-night-stand with the victim the night of his murder. Carla is his aunt and is currently mourning the lost of her sister, his mother. And Mi

Ratings of Three Different Types of Zero Waste Deodorants

One of the first products that I switched from waste to zero waste in my bathroom was my deodorant. At the time this was an easy switch to make. I started using zero waste deodorants over three years ago. Since then more and more types and options for zero waste deodorant have become available. I have tried out three different types and used each product up completely so I think I can fairly rank each one. I have ordered the products with the first one being the first kind I tried, then the second, and lastly the third. Why Zero Waste? I personally chose to live a lifestyle that is low waste and on the way to zero waste as a way to decrease the amount of waste or trash that I produce. When I think of waste I think of it in two parts. There is the waste that is truly waste that has to be sent to the landfill because I do not have access or the means to dispose of it properly. And then there is the waste that can be recycled or composted. Some people consider recycling and composting to