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Back to School Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

In the spirt of back to school season I created a number of different student and back to school themed bullet journal spreads. As always with the spreads I create I use the application GoodNotesApp  along with the  Bargain Depot Stylus 2 Pack from Amazon. Some of this spreads are from my blog post Student Bullet Journal Spread Ideas and some of them I have never shared on my blog. In this blog post I included weekly spreads along with more student or school based spreads. If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen some of these spreads, if you don't follow me make sure to check out my page so you don't miss out on more awesome bullet journal ideas. For more information on why I plan digitally check out my blog post, Switching to a Digital Planner-Paperless Planning . Back to School Weekly Spread #1- Rainbow Page Flags This colorful and simple weekly spread is perfect for back to school because of how versatile it is. You can easily add different elements

August Book Review: Sharp Objects

My Reasons For Reading This Book Recently I have really been enjoying listening to podcasts about the books I have read so far this year. I was listening to a book club podcast on Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I read and reviewed this book earlier in the year and absolutely loved it. One of the members of the podcast book club recommended reading the two books Gillian Flynn published before Gone Girl, one of the two is Sharp Objects . As a fan of Gone Girl I thought why not give Sharp Objects a try. Content of the Book A Chicago crime reported who had recently been discharged from a psych hospital, has to return to her hometown of Wind Cap, Missouri when she is assigned the task of reporting on the murder of two preteen girls from he small town. Camille Preaker has been distanced from her mother for a number of years and now she is forced to live under her roof along with the half-sister she hardly knows. In order for Camille to solve the murders that have been haunting the

Monthly Set Up: Digital Bullet Journal

This blog post will explain how I set up my bullet journal for a new month. Since I plan digitally, if you are curious for why I do that check out my blog post Switching to a Digital Planner- Paperless Planning , my set up for a new month does not take long at all. After my first month of digital planning I started creating monthly templates, which then lessens the time I spend on it even more. In this blog post I included images of the templates and what the spreads look like at the end of the month. I plan using the application GoodNotes . I highly recommend this application for anyone interested in planning digitally. The price is worth it. The styluses I use are either the Pilot G2 Pen Stylus or the Bargain Depot Stylus 2 Pack . Monthly Trackers The first spread I paste into my digital bullet journal is my monthly trackers. Over the past few months this spread has changed to include different habits that I want to specifically track for that month. Most recently this spre

Favorite Zero Waste Products For Beginners

As someone who is an environmental studies major I am very passionate about sharing and educating on anything and everything to do with how people can work towards protecting and bettering the world we live in. Over the past year I have been implementing zero waste practices into my life. Currently I am not living 100% zero waste. With that being said I have complied a list of four of my favorite zero waste products for those who are just starting to work towards zero waste and for those who are just looking for products that are overall better for the environment. All of the products listed below can be found on Amazon. Bamboo Utensils Bamboo utensils are a great alternative to using plastic silverware. By eliminating the use of plastic silverware you are lessening the amount of waste that is being sent to the landfill or recycling center. Aside from the fact that bamboo utensils are beautiful, they are also reusable and biodegradable. I make sure to always carry a set around wi