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Bullet Journal Spreads I Actually Kept Up With

Bullet Journal Spreads I Actually Kept Up With Just a little background on my experience with using a Bullet Journal. I began using a Bullet Journal in May of 2017. What attracted me to using a Bullet Journal is that it allowed me to be more creative with my planning compared to the planner that I had been using. WARNING WARNING!!! I do not use a Bullet Journal as a daily planner. I use it more as a place to put my ideas down on paper, to do lists, shopping lists, and trackers. I also use it as a place to doodle and practice my hand lettering. The following are the spreads that I was able to maintain and continued to use month after month. Just a disclaimer, at the end of May 2018, I will be switching over to planning on my iPad.  Index I used my index as a page tracker. This is something that I continue to update each time I add a new page. I found this be very functional when it came to finding the page I was looking for.  Movies to Watch This s

Taking Notes on an iPad

How I Take Notes on an iPad My reasons for taking notes on an iPad are so I have less to carry in my backpack, have access to them at all times, producing less waste by not using a notebook, and because I have an iPad so why not find a way to use it for school .   What App Do I Use A few years ago I purchased the GoodNotes app. It does cost $7.99. I have found the app to be worth that price. Compare that price to what it would cost to buy notebooks for each class and it is a very good deal.  One feature that GoodNotes has added since I first purchased it is the ability to connect the app to your Google Drive. From the app you can set it up to automatically upload your notes to your Google Account. In GoodNotes you can create different folders. Within the folders you can have all the notebooks your created for that class and any pdfs or documents that you have downloaded. You can download documents from your internet browser directly to GoodNotes. Then you can highlight and wr

Honest Review of ThredUp

Selling Clothes: The instructions that came in the kit and that were provided on the website were easy to follow. As someone who was concerned with how ThredUp would dispose of the clothes that they did not consider to be profitable, I was reassured that the items are passed onto third party sellers or their textile recycling partners. When then repurpose the items into new useful products. My only complaint when it comes to the selling of clothes is that I did not received as much of a store credit as I expected. For the overall concept of the company I will continue to be a costumer mainly for the fact that as an Environmental Studies student I am a supporter of their message of encouraging second-hand use.  Buying Clothes: When it comes to the functionality of the app and website I find it to be very customizable to the type of products I am looking for. There are clear and accurate descriptions of the products: size, fabric type, color, condition, brand, etc. The qua

Limit Your Waste During the Holidays With These Tips

Gift bags and tissue paper Use gift bags and tissue paper for wrapping for as many items as you can. My family switched from wrapping paper to gift bags a number of years ago. Why? For starters we find it easier and less stressful. Also we reuse the bags year after year. Labeling Gift Bags When it comes to labeling presents I purchase To and From stickers from the Dollar Tree, one pack has lasted us at least three years now. I stick the sticker to the string on the bag so we can just peel it off and the gift bag is ready to be stored for next year. Plastic Gift Bags A suggestion for presents that are too big for gift bags are to purchase the plastic gift bags, Dollar Tree also sells these. To make it so the bag can be reused just tie it closed to a satin ribbon or ribbon that can easily be untied. Making Gift Bags Stylish Another wrapping idea is to use decorate paper bags. This can be used to package small presents. You could either purchase colored, patterned, white o