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Bullet Journal Cleaning Schedule and List Ideas

Since first living on my own in the dorms at my university I have developed a simple daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedule. With now living in an apartment I have even more cleaning tasks to tackle regularly. The schedule that I have developed works best for me and my living situation. Living with me in the apartment are three young women and a puppy. When it comes to sticking to this schedule I have not always the best, but having a schedule in place and a bullet journal spread dedicated to it helps me to be motivated to get the cleaning done. Compared to my past bullet journal blog posts this one is simple because I have found that the best way to stay on top of cleaning schedules are to not make it any more work than it has to be. Having too many bullet journal spreads dedicated to one topic or area of your life can cause you to loose focus on one spread. That is why I have narrowed it down to the three cleaning list spreads that will help you to stay on track and keep up wi

National Ice Cream Day Weekly Bullet Journal Spreads

Sunday, July 21 2019 is National Ice Cream Day. What better way to celebrate this summer national day than with a ice cream themed weekly spread. In this blog post I show a variety of weekly spread layouts. I show a few different vertical layouts and horizontal layouts. I plan digitally, using an iPad and the application  GoodNotes  and  Bargain Depot Stylus 2 Pack  from Amazon. Currently I am still using GoodNotes 4. If you are curious to why I plan digitally you should check out my blog post  Switching to a Digital Planner-Paperless Planning . My weekly layouts include a food log for each day. If you do not track your food feel free to change this tracker into a daily to do list, habit tracker, appointment scheduler or really anything that you need it to be. Mint Chip Vertical This spread has a mint chip ice cream cone theme. Even though I chose mint chip ice cream you could choose an ice cream flavor that matches the color theme that you are already using for the month o

Zero Waste Goals 2019- Update

Now that 6 months of 2019 are over I feel as though I should post an update on my zero waste goals for this year. I recommend that before you continue reading this blog post that you read the original which will be linked here . In this blog post I shared my initial ideas for each goal and how I planned on achieving it. Roommates There have not been any significant changes regarding my efforts to reduce the amount of waste that my roommates produce. We are still recycling all items accepted by our city. I would like to further encourage my roommates to not use single use plastic when buying produce and other items from the grocery store. They have reduced the amount they use by not using a plastic bag at all for produce or just for large items or things that only come in plastic like grapes.  Sustain As mentioned in the initial blog post, Sustain is the environmental/sustainable club that I am a member of. The campaign that I focused most on while in school was to eliminat

July Book Review 2019: The Husband Hour

Reasons For Reading This Book As I continue to mention each month, I struggle to find books that I want to read that are at my university's library. After picking up a book that I still don't know if I will finish or not, my roommate/best friend said to me 'I need you to read this book because I need someone to talk about it with'. She had just finished reading The Husband Hour by Jamie Brenner and as I said needed someone to talk about it with to decide how she felt about certain things. I jumped at the opportunity to read a book that I could talk to someone about because that is something I rarely get to do. In conclusion I read this book because I had nothing else to read and because I wanted to have a book to talk to someone about. Also I didn't have to check it out from the library because she already owned a copy.  Content of This Book Rory and Lauren were high school sweet hearts who married young. Rory was the star hockey player in high school an