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What to Track in Your Habit Tracker

What to Track in Your Habit Tracker Since I started using a bullet journal, I found it really helpful to track certain habits or tasks. This blog post includes a list of habits you could include in your habit tracker and different layouts for habit trackers. I created these spreads on an iPad using the GoodNotes app and the PILOT G2 Pen Stylus . After having the stylus part of my Pilot G2 Pen Stylus tear, I purchased the  Bargain Depot Stylus 2 Pack  from Amazon. I highly recommend both. Ideas For Habit Tracker Layouts This first tracker is functional for tracker a specific task or habit. If you are tracking something like water intake, you could also add the what time of day you finished each increment. This is a tracker that can easily be incorporated into a weekly spread. Using different colors or icons to mark when the task is completed makes it so it can include the theme of a weekly spread. These next two tracker are great to break up your different habits into

Student Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Student Bullet Journal Spread Ideas  Just like I have done for my past bullet journal blog posts ( Ideas for Digital Bullet Journal Spreads , Bullet Journal Fitness and Workout Spread Ideas  and Six Weekly Bullet Journal Spreads ) I used the GoodNotes app and the PILOT G2 Pen Stylus to create these spreads. The other type of stylus that I use is the Bargain Depot Stylus 2 Pack  from Amazon. I like that this stylus comes with extra tips to replace the ones that rip. These spreads can be used for high school or college students Even though I created them in my digital bullet journal, you can recreate them in a paper bullet journal. Semester Schedule Being able to visualize your semester schedule in this formate can be very helpful. Make this spread your own. You can even add in what time you are going to get up, when you want to leave for class, when you are going to go to the gym and when you are going to eat meals. Get creative and add as much or as little to

12 Tips For Living Sustainably In College Dormitories

As someone who is working towards her environmental studies major, I have been working to find different ways in which I can practice sustainable living while living in a dormitory. I have complied a list of a few different tips and tricks that you can starting using while in a college dormitory and continue to implement into your life afterward dormitory living.  Tip 1 So that I did not have to purchase a coffee mug and a bowl, I found a coffee cup that is big enough to function as a bowl. Not only am I not making two purchases, but I am also practicing a minimalism by using this one product for two purposes. The first mug is similar to the one I purchased. Before going out to purchase a new mug try scouting out thrift stores. Purchasing from a thrift store is a method of shopping helps you to reduce your ecological footprint. Tip 2 Instead of using paper plates and plastic silverware, purchasing plates and silverware is another tip to li

Review of Flo Period and Ovulation Tracker App

Review of Flo Period and Ovulation Tracker App In need of a period, fertility or ovulation tracker application, well do I have the perfect one for you.  Flo is a free application that tracks periods, ovulation, fertility and even has a pregnancy mode. I downloaded Flo over two years ago and have yet to find a reason to stop using the app or switch to another period tracking application. Over my two years of using this application I have found it to be very accurate when predicting when my next cycle with start and end.  Getting Started When you first download Flo you enter in information pertaining to your weight, age, when your last period ended, how long it lasted, and other data. Answering these questions accurately helps the application to predict when your next cycle will begin and when your ovulation day is. Trackers The application uses a monthly calendar to display when your ovulation day is and when your period should start and end. The dates that are red a