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Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia Book Review

Reason For Reading This Book: I get my book recommendations from a variety of different people both who are in my life and who I follow on social media. Whenever my best friend recommends a book to me I add it to a list. When it comes time for me to pick another book I find books off of that list that are available at my library or keep an eye out for them when I am thrifting or at a used book store. In December I moved to a different state and started a new job. One of the first things I did when I moved was get a library card. Before going in to get the card I used their online catalogue to see what books on my list were available. After trying for months to get Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia  from my pervious library I was finally able to get it from my new library. I have also seen this book in used book stores but never picked it up in hopes of getting it from the library which I was lucky enough to do.  Content of This Book: It is present day in Miami and Jeanette is in th

The It Girl by Ruth Ware Book Review

Reason For Reading This Book: As a dedicated Readhead I read The It Girl by Ruth Ware . What is a ReadHead you ask? The Readheads is a podcast book club that reads a book each month and then puts out a podcast episode where the four hosts discuss, rate, and choose actors for the characters. The episodes are put out the first Thursday of every month.  Content of This Book: 10 years after Hannah helped put away her friend and Oxford roommate's killer she is thrust back into the world of April and her murder when the man convicted of the murder died in prison and public opinion that he was innocent increases. Total opposites Hannah and April became fast friends after being randomly selected to room together their freshman year at Oxford. Hannah and April are just two of the friends in their friend group that also includes Will, Hugh, Ryan and Emily. Its been 10 years since the murder and Hannah is now happily married, has a job she enjoys and expecting her first child. Upon learning t

The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller Book Review

Reasons For Reading This Book: If you have followed my book reviews over the years you will know that my best friend and I recommend books to one another or simply share what we are reading with one another. A while back she sent me a list of the books she has recently read or planned to read. The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller was on this list. I could not get my hands on a copy until recently when I was shopping at Half Priced Books. When I told my best friend that I finally picked up this book she told me she liked it but not as much as Where the Crawdads Sing which is the other book I picked up from her list at the same time. Prior to starting the book I only knew what the back of the book said. I had no expectation going into it. Content of This Book: Every summer since she was a child Elle Bishop has spent the summer in the Back Woods in her family's generation old Cape Cod cabin. After the passionate encounter between Elle and her oldest friend, Jonas, today is not li