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Always in December by Emily Stone Book Review

Reason for Reading This Book: At the start of December/end of November I was craving a wintery/Christmas romance novel. After reading some lists online and finding what was available at my library, I chose Always in December by Emily Stone . Prior to reading this book I read no review just the summary provided on the library website.    Content of This Book: It's December in London and Josie is on her way to mail her yearly letter to her parents who passed away many years ago on Christmas. With the letter in hand and biking down the street to the postbox, Josie and a handsome stranger collide. This collision changed the course of both Josie and the stranger's lives. Josie is one to avoid Christmas each year due to the tragedy of losing her parents and the stranger, Max, also has his reasons of his own this year. The two spend a few days together while Max is awaiting a flight to New York. Until Max suddenly disappears without a goodbye. Over the next year, fate continuously bri