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Ideas For Digital Bullet Journal Spreads

Ideas For Digital Bullet Journal Spreads Why a digital bullet journal? I use GoodNotes  for my digital planning. I found that digital planning met the needs that I had when it comes to planning. Which are access anywhere and everywhere I am and I am trying to use a little paper as possible. To read more about GoodNotes and what I think of the application you can read my blog post Taking Notes on an iPad  . I either use the Bargain Depot Stylus 2 Pack  or the PILOT G2 Pen Stylus . Spreads to Get Your Bujo Started Starting with a recap of what you loved about the year before and your goals for the new year are two spreads that a great to start of your journal and are easy to access since they are at the front. I chose not to have a index since GoodNotes allows you to view the whole notebook at once, but if you want an index good right ahead.  The next three pages I have are my year at of glance for 2018/future log. I use this section to track major events that are ha

What I Learned From Year 1 of My Weight Loss Journey

What I Learned From My Weight Loss Journey As I previously talked about in my last blog post What I Learned in 2017 , one of my 2017 New Year's Resolutions was to live a healthier lifestyle with the goal of losing weight. In this post I will go into why this became one of my resolutions, past struggles with my weight/appearance, and my tips and tricks for how I surpassed my weight goal in one year. What pushed me to want to loose weight? Early in the year of 2016 I struggled with a number of health problems that caused me to have a lack of appetite and when I did eat I experienced extreme stomach aches. After getting that under control through months of water therapy, I was finally able to eat, but this new found ability to eat again led me into a phase where I was eating large portions and not the healthiest of options. In December of 2016 I was trying on dresses for a school dance. I ordered a size small, with up to this point had always fit me. Lets just say there w

What I Learned in 2017

What I Learned in 2017 As a year 2017 was one for the books. It was filled with loads of excitement, new experiences, challenges, lots of change, and quite a bit of self growth.  2017 New Year's Resolutions I think this is the first year I have ever completed a New Year's Resolution and kept up with it throughout the entire year. My New Year's Resolution for 2017 was a common one, but my experience with it was far from the norm. I started 2017 wanting to create a healthy lifestyle with the goal of losing weight. I plan to have a separate post discussing my weight loss journey. When it came to completing this resolution was successful and even surpassed what I expected to achieve.  Life Lessons While in high school and college I had experiences where I needed to step up and become an advocate for myself. This was something I had never had to do before because I had been relying on others to be my voice.  In order to achieve the success that you want yo