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Testing Trendy Pinterest DIYs: Ombre Nails

Ombre Nails The second trendy Pinterest DIY that I tested was ombre nails. As someone who enjoys painting and having her nails painted, I thought I would experiment and try my hand at nail art. DIY ombre nails have always been popular on Pinterest and are projected to be an easy nail design. This is the link to the Ombre Nails Pin I used as my reference for this DIY. Here is my experience with trying to recreate ombre nails. Supplies neutral nail polish color for base two complementary nail polish colors nail polish remover make up sponge(s) paint brush orange stick plastic or surface to mix colors top coat What I Used Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish Lemon Shark Sally Hansen Sunksed Sun Kissed Xtreme Wear Nail Polish Sally Hansen Big Kwik Dry Top Nail Coat Instructions For the surface that I used to mix the nail polish on I cut a piece of plastic from packaging. Okay, now onto the nails. I started by preparing my nails as I always do. For m

Testing Trendy Pinterest DIYs: Geometric Cork Coasters

Geometric Cork Coasters After attempting to make cork necklaces as Christmas gifts, I was left with five of the six cork coasters. On Pinterest I have seen DIY Geometric Coasters and thought I already own all but one of the supplies so why not give it a try and see if this trendy DIY works or not. The first set of coasters I made I did not reference any pictures from Pinterest, but for the second set I made I replicated four designs that were found on Pinterest. Supplies Cork Drink Coasters Acrylic Paint in Assorted Colors Paint Brush Set washi tape or painters tape ( Dollar Tree , Scotch , Hobby Lobby ) Gloss Clear Acrylic Coating (water resistant)  ruler (optional) scissors (optional) X-ACTO Knife (optional) Instructions First place the tape where you want the cork to still be seen. I used three different sizes of washi tapes that all varied in width. This is not necessary, but I really liked the different patterns I was able to create by using a varie

How To: Perfect At Home Manicure

The Perfect At Home Manicure Growing up I always wanted to be one of those girls who could give themselves a manicure that was just as good as a salon manicure. When I got to college I was looking for something to do that would get me off of social media, so I started painting my nails. I find painting my nails to be very therapeutic and look forward to doing it. Over the months I have experimented with different products and came up with my favorites. In this post I share some tips on how to give yourself the perfect at home manicure and recommend the products that I love. If you you are not currently good at painting your nails keep practicing at it. I was not very good when I first started, but I as I continued to do it I slowly became better and picked up on tips for how to paint perfectly. What you need: cotton rounds Nail Polish Remvoer Dispenser Pump Sally Hansen big Kwik Dry Top Coat Revlon by Leah Goren Manicure Kit orange stick Nail

April Book Review: Columbine

April Book Review: Columbine My Reasons For Reading This Book As someone who was only a few months old when the tragedy of Columbine occurred, I did not have much knowledge on a historic event that greatly effected the United States. After the Parkland School shooting on February, 14 2018, I become interested in reading peoples opinions and research on school shooters. I came across Columbine by Dave Cullen and thought that it would be a good read that fit all the topics I was currently interested in.  Content of the Book  This book breaks down the myths that surround the Columbine massacre that took place on April 20, 1999. The myths that are explained is the martyr student, that bullying by jocks was the reason for the attack, depression was a cause, and if the killers were apart of the Trench Coat Mafia. The author of the book is Dave Cullen who fist reported on the massacre and then took his interest to the next level by taking ten years to write this book. Cullen col