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Fourth Wing: The Empyrean Book 1 by Rebecca Yarros Book Review

Reason for Reading This Book: Fourth Wing: The Empyrean Book 1 by Rebecca Yarros was Margo’s choice for The Readheads Podcast Book Club for October 2023. This is the first high-fantacy book that I have read since finishing the Harry Potter series as a teenager. Margo introduced this book as a book that is currently very popular and that comes highly recommended by lots of readers. I went into this book knowing that I was going to take my time with it because it takes longer for me to get into fantacy. I bought this book as an iBook and once I saw how long it was I was grateful I chose a digital version without loaning it from the library because it look me so long to read. When I told my mom, who loves fantacy, that I was reading this book she had me read her the book description to let us both know what it was about. So when I started reading it I had a general idea of what the book was about. Even though this books comes highly recommended I knew since fantasy is not my genre of c

Reign By Katharine McGee Book Review

Reasons for Reading This Book: If you read my last book review then you will know that I read Rivals by Katharine McGee in preparation for the fourth book in the American Royals series, Reign . As I shared in the previous post I read the first book of the series when it was first released and enjoyed and planned to finish the series. When I saw on Margo Oshry's Instagram story that the fourth book Reign was coming out I knew I needed to read Rivals to prepare for the final book. You can read my full review of Rivals here.  Here are the links to my reviews of  American Royals Book Review  and  Majesty: American Royals 2 . Content of This Book: Reign is the fourth book in the Katharine McGee's American Royals series. Beatrice is the first reigning queen of America. Her heirs are her twin siblings, Samantha (first born) and Jefferson. Queen Beatrice's life is hanging in the balance following the conclusion of Rivals. The Queen is in a coma. Princess Samantha is nowhere to be