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American Royals Book Review

My Reasons For Reading This Book  It feels like I haven't reviewed a book in a long time, but really I have just read more books this year that ever before. Something I have not talked about yet on the blog is that I am a part of The Readheads Book Club , which is a podcast book club. I joined the book club because one of the hosts also has a Bachelor podcast that I listen to during the airing of the show. I was so excited to join a book club because I always struggle to find books and people to talk to about the books I read. A different host chooses a book each time giving you a variety of different genres and book topics. As of the time I am writing this, the book club is on book 9 of the year. I have read all but book one and book eight. I chose not to read the eighth book because I read it in high school and did not want to read it again. Now where am I going with this if the book I am reviewing today is not one of the books read for the book club, well that is because Margo o

Bullet Journal Spreads for School Part 2

With this coming school year looking different because of the current circumstances, staying on top of school work and school related events may be more challenging than before. In an effort to help lessen these challenges I have come up with a number of different bullet journal planner spread to keep you on track this school year. The spreads range from scheduling, test prep and even what to pack in your backpack. Before reading this blog post I recommend taking a look at Student Bullet Journal Spread Ideas . That blog post focuses more on scheduling and preparing for the semester while this blog post focuses more on how to stay on track throughout the semester. I plan digitally, using an iPad and the application  GoodNotes   Adonit Dash 3 Stylus  from Amazon. These spreads were made on GoodNotes5, but are easily exported to be used on GoodNotes4. If you are curious to why I plan digitally check out my blog post  Switching to a Digital Planner-Paperless Planning . Weekly Check L