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Little Fires Everywhere Book Review

My Reasons For Reading This Book There are three main reasons for why I chose to read  Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng . The first one is that I had already finished the book for the Podcast book club that I follow ( The Readheads Book Club ) and I had more than a week before the next episode came out. So in short I was in need of a book to fill time. The second reason is that everywhere I looked people were talking about this book and were recommending it. I also saw that it had tons of reviews on iBooks and Amazon and to me that is an indicator that lots of people have read it and enjoyed it. The third and final reason is that I pay for Hulu and do not use it very often so as an effort to use it more, I thought that by the time I finished reading the book the full series would be on Hulu and then I could watch it right after.  Content of Little Fires Everywhere  This book takes place in the 1990s and follows the lives of two families navigating their new connection o

How I Manage My ADHD in Quarantine

Something that is a big part of my life that I have never talked about on my blog is that I have serve combined Type A ADHD. To further introduce myself I am a 21 year old female who defines herself as an introvert. When it comes to my ADHD diagnoses I have Type A, which is the combination of inattentive and hyperactive- impulsive. With the help of medications and regular psychologist appointments I have been able to minimize and manage a majority of my symptoms. Due to my university going remote for the remainder of the semester and being in self-isolation, I have had to make changes and adjustments to further manage my symptoms and to continue accomplishing all that I need to do for school, life and health. For this blog post I will share 10 tips for how you to can manage your ADHD while in quarantine. Tip #1 Routines My number one tip for anyone with ADHD trying to handle the new normal of quarantine is to create routines. I have a set morning routine that is the same every