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February Book Review 2019: Turtles All the Way Down

My Reasons For Reading This Book For starters both my mom and my roommate had read Turtles All the Way Down by John Green . I trust both of their opinions when it comes to book recommendations, which is one reason I chose to read this book. The only other John Green book the I have "read" is The Fault in Our Stars , which I actually listened to the audiobook. I really enjoyed that book and don't really know why I have never read any of his other books. Another reason I had for reading this book was that my roommate owned it, which meant I didn't have to buy it or check it out from the library. Since reading The Becoming of Noah Shaw , I was in the mood for another young adult book and Turtles All the Way Down was the perfect fix. Content of the Book Turtles All the Way Down is about Aza and the struggles she faces during her junior year of high school. After her childhood camp friend David's billionaire dad went missing, Aza and her best friend Daisy set

My Zero Waste Struggles

On my blog I have shared my 2019 Zero Waste Goals . One thing I have strayed away from talking about is the areas in my life that I struggle with and why these areas are a struggle for me. In this blog post I am going to share the different parts of going zero waste that I am stilling working on and how I plan to change these habits. If you are new to my blog you may not know that I am in my second year of getting my Environmental Studies major and Environmental Education minor. Okay, let get into my zero waste struggles. Frozen Food The area in which I struggle that most to reduce single use plastics is in food packaging. I can't be too hard on myself because I have switched to buying somethings not in plastic, but there are still some food items that I continue to purchase that are in plastic packaging. The freezer items in my weekly grocery haul that come in plastic are deli ham, frozen chicken tenderloins, vegetables, pepperoni, and pizza crusts. For some of these items

Movie Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

One of my favorite things to track in my bullet journal is the movies that I have watched. I wouldn't say that I am a movie buff, but I sure do love a good movie night. If you have seen any of my weekly spread updates on my Instagram then you will know that I have a movie night at least once a week. If you are in need of some movie related bullet journal spreads then this is the blog post for you. As I have mentioned before I plan digitally, using an iPad and the application  GoodNotes  and  Bargain Depot Stylus 2 Pack  from Amazon. If you are curious to why I plan digitally you should check out my blog post  Switching to a Digital Planner-Paperless Planning . Movie Tracker #1 This first tracker is the first movie tracker I ever created when I switched to planning digitally. As you can see I basically filled the page. For this spread I went with a traditional yellow and red color scheme to mimic the colors of a popcorn box. Compared to the current movie spread that I am us