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Limit Your Waste During the Holidays With These Tips

Gift bags and tissue paper

Use gift bags and tissue paper for wrapping for as many items as you can. My family switched from wrapping paper to gift bags a number of years ago. Why? For starters we find it easier and less stressful. Also we reuse the bags year after year.

Labeling Gift Bags

When it comes to labeling presents I purchase To and From stickers from the Dollar Tree, one pack has lasted us at least three years now. I stick the sticker to the string on the bag so we can just peel it off and the gift bag is ready to be stored for next year.

Plastic Gift Bags

A suggestion for presents that are too big for gift bags are to purchase the plastic gift bags, Dollar Tree also sells these. To make it so the bag can be reused just tie it closed to a satin ribbon or ribbon that can easily be untied.

Making Gift Bags Stylish

Another wrapping idea is to use decorate paper bags. This can be used to package small presents. You could either purchase colored, patterned, white or the traditional craft paper bags. There are endless possibilities for decorating these bags. My suggested so that it can be put in the recyclable bin after the holidays is to paint or stamp on a design.

Sewing Reusable Bags

An option for those who know how to sew is to sew gift bags that can either be given as part of the gift or used again year after year. If you are someone, like me, who prefers to have a cohesive theme for his or her wrapping, this is an option that always you to use fabric that is all the same color or theme. Below are two links to fabric gift bag options along with patterns and tutorials on how to complete the projects. I have yet to try out these patterns, but would like to in the future.

Five Minute Gift Bag
Fabric Gift Bag Pattern

Recyclable Gift Wrapping

If you are someone who likes the look of wrapping presents, using craft paper that can be recycled is an option.

Condensing Presents Into One Bag

Another tip that can help you to not add additional waste this holiday season is to put small presents in one gift bag.

Shopping Tips

If an option get an electronic receipt
Bring your own reusable bags
Spending the extra money to buy something of good quality over something that is less expensive. The item will last longer and will not end up being deposed of as quickly.
Only buy off of the Christmas wishlist, this helps avoid things becoming unused and ending up being a waste of money.

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