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Six Weekly Bullet Journal Spreads

Six Weekly Bullet Journal Spreads

I have created six different weekly bullet journal spreads. I made and use the spreads in my digital bullet journal. The app used to make these spreads is GoodNotes. The stylus I use and highly recommend is the PILOT G2 Pen Stylus. Another option for a stylus that I think does the job just as well as the Pilot G2 Pen Stylus is the Bargain Depot Stylus 2 Pack from Amazon. In this post I provide a variety of different spreads (horizontal and vertical) along with different themes for each spread.

1 Page for 1 Week

This first spread is a simple spread that can be used to track daily tasks, appointments and a food log for each day. I would recommend this spread for those who have just started using a bullet journal. The spread is not too complicated to recreate and is perfect for beginners for for a week when you do not have the time to make an intricate spread. To make this spread your own you could switch out the food log for something else, such as kids activities or use it as an area to track the TV or shows you watch. 

1 Page Candy Cane Weekly Spread 

This spread has the same layout as the first spread, but shows how you can use different headers for different themes. This spread is simple and could easily incorporate different themes or colors week after week. 

 2 Page Succulent Weekly Spread

This horizontal spread has more area for daily to do lists and trackers. The space left at the top can be used to write the month and the green boxes are for the dates. There is space under the days of the week for a daily food log or for whatever tracker you use.

2 Page Snowflake Weekly Spread

This next spread is an example using the open space from the last spread as a food log. Like the pervious spread there is a place for the month and dates. The format for this spread is simple and can easily be converted to include different aspects that make it fit individual needs. 

2 Page Holly Weekly Spread

This spread is another has a simple design and only includes a small doodle, which does not have to be included. The use of different colors and fonts can make the format of this spread look different from week to week. What I like about this the layout of this spread is that it includes a daily food long and a notes section. Like the previous spreads there is a place for the month and dates. 

2 Page Honey Comb Weekly Spread

This vertical weekly spread includes everything I look for in a weekly bullet journal spread. It has a creative theme or design, a good amount of space for each day of the week and a daily food log. Just like some of the other spreads there is a designated space for the month and the dates. 



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