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Fourth of July Weekly Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

A fun fact about me is that my favorite holiday is the 4th of July. I love that its a holiday in the summer that I get to celebrate with friends who I don't spent other holidays with. My love for the holiday came from attending over-the-top 4th of July parties in the neighborhood I grew up in. The neighborhood as a whole celebrates on the 3rd with a lake wide poker run and a gigantic firework show. Now that I have explained why the 4th of July is my favorite holiday lets move on to what this blog post is all about. In this blog post I will share a variety of different bullet journal weekly planner spreads to help you celebrate the United State's Independence. I plan digitally, using an iPad and the application  GoodNotes  and  Bargain Depot Stylus 2 Pack  from Amazon. Currently I am still using GoodNotes 4. If you are curious to why I plan digitally you should check out my blog post  Switching to a Digital Planner-Paperless Planning . My weekly layouts include a food log

Summer Weekly Meal Prep Plan

On the blog I have shared some of my journey with weight loss and struggling with IBS or severe stomach aches. In this blog post I will be sharing my weekly meal plan for the summer, what I meal prep and the different variations I have to make each week a little bit different than the last. My Food History After years of nightly stomach aches I was diagnosed with a milk malabsorption in the fifth grade, 9 years ago. For 8 years I was able to control my stomach aches. The stomach aches didn't return until I was given an antibiotic for a virus. This strong antibiotic cleared out my system and caused the stomach aches to return. One of my doctors referred me to an allergist and immunologist. Through discussing what I eat each day and when I get a stomach ache, the doctor was confident that if I ate a low fodmap diet I would no longer have stomach aches. To learn more about my low fodmap journey click  here . I have reintroduced some high fodmap foods, so currently my diet is no

June Book Review 2019: The Perfect Mother

Yet again I struggled to find a book from my 'to read' list at the library. This has seemed to become a constant problem for me. As I do when I can't find a book that is on my reading list, I just go to the library and read the titles and description of any books that interest me from the new section or the pop fiction section. Since the library I go to is my university library there is also a section called the Curriculum Section that has books like Eleanor & Park and the Harry Potter series. This last time I went to the library I checked both sections and still didn't find anything that peaked my interest. Reasons For Reading This Book A book that I have been debating reading or not for the last few months is The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy . I have read the book description of this book each time I go to the library every month to pick out a book. This month I finally decided to give it a read. Even though this method didn't work out for me last mon

Puppy and Pet Bullet Journal Planner Spread Ideas

2022 Update: If you are interested in having your own Puppy/Dog Pet Planner you can purchase these spreads along with other ones in my Etsy shop Simply Paperless Digital Puppy/Dog Pet Planner . I would like to officially announce that a puppy has been added to my family. This past weekend my sister adopted a soft coated Wheaten Terrier. His name is Bear because he looks like a bear/teddy bear. Growing up my Grandparents, family members and friends had dogs, but we always had cats or flying squirrels. My twin sister and I always wanted a dog, her more than me. After living in on our own for almost a year she finally made the decision to buy one. The summer was the perfect time to get him because we would have time to train him and get used to living with him before we started junior year of college. Now that I have said all of that lets get into the planner portion of this blog post. Today I will be sharing tracker spreads that are perfect for tracking anything and everything in

My Experience With Composting: Weeks 1-3

In December of 2018 I made a whole blog post dedicated to my Zero Waste Goals for 2019. I will be sharing a half-way update on all of the goals soon, but thought that one specific goal, composting, deserved its own blog post. As mentioned in the previous blog post, I was really interested and motivated to start composting. Well, sadly it took until the beginning of May or the start of my summer for me to actually start doing it.  Why Did it Take So Long For Me to Start? At the time of writing that initial blog post, I did not have access to a company who would pick up my compost for me. That is one obstacle that was in my way. I do not have a car nor do I really drive, so asking my roommates to start taking me to a composting drop off site in addition to them taking me to the recycling drop off was just too much for me to ask for.  I am an active member of the sustainability club at my university and during one of our weekly meetings in February it was announced to us tha