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My Favorite Fody Foods Products and How I Use Them

I would like to start out by saying this post is not sponsored or affiliated with Fody Foods . I am a repeat loyal customers who loves their products and wanted to share my favorites and how I use them. As I have mentioned in all of my food related blog posts, I am moderately low fodmap, completely milk free and rarely eat gluten. With having all of these eating restrictions I have tested out so many products to fit these needs. When I first started the low fodmap elimination diet, I fell in love with some of Fody Foods products and still use them today even though I am not longer completely low fodmap. The reason I still use Fody products is because I am still quite sensitive to onions and garlic. I am thinking of doing a blog post dedicated to when I reintroduce onions back into my regular diet. Here I have a  link  to an article that describes what a low fodmap diet is and how to get started. Now lets move on to my favorite Fody Foods products and how I use them!! Fody T