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Know My Name by Chanel Miller Book Review

Reasons for Reading This Memoir:  I am always looking for knew books to read and open to suggestions for books people loved. In an episode of The Readheads podcast one of the host, Dana, read and recommended Know My Name by Chanel Miller . If you have followed my blog and past book reviews you would know that this type of memoir is right up my alley. Dana mentioned this book months ago but it wasn't until recently that I was able to get my hands on a copy. When getting a book I first look at the library, then at a used book store and lastly an ebook. When I saw it was available at the library I checked it out. As someone who was does not remember when these events where playing out in real time, I was excited to learn about it and learn the personal perspective of Chanel Miller. Content of This Memoir: Chanel Miller or who you might know as Emily Doe, was sexual assaulted by Brock Turner at a party on Stanford's campus. Her viral victim statement posted by BuzzFeed  promoted c

The Paris Apartment By Lucy Foley Book Review

Reasons For Reading This Book: As I have mentioned before on the blog, my best friend and I trade books all the time. In September she texted me that she read The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley . Her text also said 'it is a horribly written book' that was more funny than the advertised seriousness and that she 'needed me to read it so she could talk to someone about it'. She gave me her copy and I read it in a week. I had expectations going in that it was poorly written. I did not read the book description before starting and just let the writing and story speak for itself. Content of the Book: After leaving behind her terrible job and life in London, Jess goes to stay with her half-brother in his apartment in Paris. Ben, her brother is a journalist trying to make it in the city. Like any apartment building the residents are going to be a collection of interesting individuals. This apartment is no exception. There is a stylish and posh 50 year old named Sophie who is mar

Not All Diamonds and Rosé by Dave Quinn Book Review

Reasons For Reading This Book: As I mentioned in a previous book review, I am a huge fan of reality TV, specifically The Real Housewives franchise. Not All Diamonds and Rosé by Dave Quinn has been on my to read list since it was published and I saw all the talk about it on social media. I knew it was a long book and I never really had the time to commit to it until now. I checked it out from the library and took it with me while I traveled for work. Content of the Book: This book details the creation and evolution of Bravo's Real Housewives franchise. Told through oral responses by the wives, producers, and network executives we learn all that it took to build and sustain the franchise that spans eight cities, hundreds of cast members, and millions of loyal fans. Learn all the dirt on the franchise that started in a gated community in Orange County.  What I Liked About the Book: I 100% agree with Dave Quinn's choice to section the book by city and also go in chronological orde