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We Are the Brennans Book Review by Tracey Lange

Reason for Reading This Book My main reason for reading this book is that I am a ReadHead, a member of  The ReadHeads  podcast book club and the book of the month for August was We Are the Brennans by Tracey Lange . I was excited to read this book because the host who chose the book is a young-adult genre fan. I have also liked most of the books chosen by this host. I had no expectations going into this book. I read a majority of the book on my travels from California to Texas, and finished it in my destination of D.C. I read this book during 10 days of intensive work training and it was the perfect light read to pull me away from reality each day. Content of this Book One night Sunday Brennan makes a decision that changes her life forever. She gets behind the wheel after drinking, which results in both a crash and a DUI. What now? After the accident Sunday moves from Los Angeles back home to live with her family in New York. Sunday is now faced with the reality of being with her famil

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo Book Review

Reasons for reading this book The simple answer to why I read this book is that my best friend and I trade books all the time. She read this book and thought I would like it so she lent me her copy. Prior to her giving me the book I had heard the title but did not know anything about the story. So shout out to my best friend for recommending this book and letting me read her copy. I started reading The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid with no expectations and no knowledge of what the story was about. I tend it just start the book without reading the back. I read and reviewed this book back at the start of June and it was the perfect time for me to read this book as I had little going on and could completely immerse myself in it. Content of the book After stepping away from the spotlight Evelyn Hugo is ready to tell reporter Monique Grant her life story. She breaks down both the truth about her glamorous life as a Hollywood icon and the many scandals she found herse

How I Meal Prep for One Person

Something that I started to do right when I moved into my first apartment 3 years ago was meal prep. I started with dinners and some components of dinner. Doing this helped me to have healthy options ready to go, reduced my chances of eating out, and allowed me to know have to think about what I was going to eat for each meal.  Getting Started How I start meal prepping is by deciding what I want to eat that week and making a grocery list for the items that I do not already have. For me I have two different breakfasts that I eat, I eat the same lunch and then I have a list of my favorite dinners that I rotate between. I also rotate the type of snack that I eat. Once I have a list I only buy those items at the grocery store. This helps to eliminate buying excess food and creating more waste. Below are pictures of the grocery list and dinner meal plan that I make for each week.  When making your list order it in the way you move around the store. Start with produce, then move to aisles, m