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November Book Review: Visible Empire

My Reasons For Reading This Book

I have had this book pinned on Pinterest to read for a while now, basically since it was published and just have never chosen it to read. After getting behind in my personal reads due to being in a horror fiction reading class this semester, I needed a relatively short book since I was starting it later into the month than I usually would. I went into my Books To Read Pinterest board and saw Visible Empire by Hannah Pittard, read the summary, was intrigued and decided to check it out from the library.

Content of the Book

This book is based on the true event of the June 3, 1962 Paris Orly Airport plane crash. More than one hundred of the passengers killed in the plane crash were prominent citizens of Atlanta, Georgia. The book follows the lives of the loved ones of those killed in the plane crash. The story is filled with guilt, love, scandal, issues of race, social standards, and of course money and wealth. Visible Empire follows takes you into the lives of a number of different characters affected by the plane crash as they attempt to put his and her life back together in the wake of this tragedy. 

What I Liked About This Book

I found the use of each chapter being told from a different characters' point of view to be beneficial to the plot of the story. If this book were to have just followed the life of one character it would have lacked interest. The order in which the chapters were arranged aided in the fluidity of the book and the progression of the plot. I also liked how the author Hannah Pittard was able to successfully write each characters point of view in a way that the character was easily identified through the use of literary techniques. As someone who has a love for nature, plants and gardens, I really enjoyed the inclusion of the plant descriptions. The inclusion of this added another layer to the descriptions of the setting which I find most authors chose to ignore. 

What I Disliked About This Book

One part of this book that I am on the fence about, but would consider it to be a flaw in the book would be the speed at which the story progressed. It seemed as through the plot would speed up and be progressing at a good speed and then it would slow down and be quite uneventful. For such a short book I felt as though this happened to many times for my liking. Another aspect of this book that I completely disliked was the repeated graphic and unnecessarily non-consensual sex and sexually acts. For some instances these parts were important to the plot of the story, but for other parts they were disgusting and did not benefit the plot at all and could have been left out. Once I got to the last 70 pages of the book I found it to be very predicable. I cannot decide if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Would I Recommend This Book?

If someone were to ask me for a book that is super engaging and hard to put down, I would not think of this book to recommend. As I have said before for past book reviews, this is a summer/beach read. If I could think of a book to compare this book to it be something by Nicholas Sparks. This is a quick read that is well written, but with that being said it is not the best book I have ever read. I do think the topic of the book is interesting and would say bring this with you to the airport, vacation, on a road trip or to the beach. 

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