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Step By Step Weekly Halloween Bullet Journal Spread

I thought I would try something new for this bullet journal blog post. Over on my Instagram I have been regularly posting my mid week and end of the week weekly bullet journal spreads. Since planning digitally is not as common in the bullet journal community, I have received questions asking how I create my weekly spreads. That is where the idea for this step by step tutorial came from. I was inspired to create a Halloween weekly spread even though its not even October yet. I plan on an iPad using the application GoodNotes and Bargain Depot Stylus 2 Pack from Amazon. If you are curious to why I plan digitally you should check out my blog post Switching to a Digital Planner-Paperless Planning.

Step #1

I have a series of different weekly templates that I have created and find to be the most functional for me. For this particular spread I am using the one that has a space at the top for the theme to go. I think of this spread to be similar to the way I used to plan when I used a traditional paper planner. The space at the top would be where you could put washi tape.

Step #2

For this next step create the base shape for the tombstones. Make sure to draw different sizes and stager them so that it looks like a graveyard. During this step you will also add the tombstone shape to each column for the dates. The one I am showing here includes the weekend so the last column is divided in half and has two tombstones.

Step #3

This is the step where you can experiment with different hand lettering. Add RIP to all of the tombstones at the top of the spread. If you want to add additional writing such as years or dates to the tombstones this is the time to do it. I chose to only add RIP. If you know what week you are using this spread you can also add the dates into the tombstones for each day during this step. 

Step #4

Now that the base of the drawing are done its time to added color. In GoodNotes I prefer to color using the highlighter feature. A tip to make the tombstones look like some are older than others is to use different shades of grey. 

Step #5

To make the tombstones appear to be in a graveyard add grass. I chose to only use one shade of green to color the grass, using more than one shade of green would add more detail and visual interest.

Step #6 

While creating this spread I intended to be done with the tombstones and move on to the rest of the spread, but I felt as though the tombstones appeared to be flat and lacked a realistic appearance. So to correct that trace one side of the tombstone and then at the top draw away from the original tombstone to made it 3D. Don't forget to color in the 3D part of each tombstone. At this step also add the 3 dimensional part to the tombstones for the dates. 

Step #7

For this step color in the tombstones for the dates. You can either choose to do one shade of grey for all of the days of the week or use a number of different shades of grey like what was done for the tombstones at the top. 

Step #8

This is the step where you can really make this spread your own and add your own creative touch to it. This is the point in the process where you add the days of the week to the spread. As pictured I stuck with a simple hand lettering and then added grey highlight to different parts of the letters.

Step #9

Again for this final step you can experiment with different hand letterings and fonts for each day in the What I Ate section. I chose to do my everyday cursive with a grey highlight over top. 

Step #10

This is less of a step and more of a tip, but now that you have this spread you can let your creative juices flow and add other spooky Halloween doodles or even a Halloween quote. I plan on adding spider webs to the corners. Another fun idea is if you are also planning digitally is to add a picture from Halloween in the open space at the bottom. 

If you recreate this spread I would love to see it. Either DM or tag me on Instagram. 


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