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At Home HIIT/Circuit Training Workout

I have documented some of my weight loss journey on the blog, (What I Learned From Year 1 of My Weight Loss Journey) but have never really shared any specific workouts. After months and months of not weighing myself I finally did and found that I did not like the number on the scale or the look of my body. I hold a majority of my weight in my stomach and have been having pain and discomfort when wearing current pants. After talking with my bother, a great resource when it comes to all things health, nutrition and fitness, he thought that switching my workouts from weight training to HIIT or circuit training would be the best solution for me to lose some fat.

His advice was to start going to workout classes at my university's recreation center. Since it is getting towards the end of the semester it is not worth it for me to purchase a fitness class membership, so instead I went to one free class and got ideas for workouts that I can do on my own until this summer. For this summer I plan I purchasing a fitness class membership.

My bother suggested HIIT fitness classes because the instructors have already designed the workout and you also have the motivation and competitiveness of wanting to push yourself to do your best when you are in a class setting.

After attending the fitness class I put together a HIIT/Circuit training workout that I can do in my small apartment bedroom. Recently I have been in a slump when it comes to being motivated to workout due to no longer seeing the results that I wanted. Working out in my apartment lessens my excuses of having to go to my apartment gym. Also this workout only takes 21 minutes!!

I use the interval workout setting on my Fitbit Charge 3 for this specific workout. The settings for this workout are 45 seconds moving and 10 seconds rest repeating this 24 times. As you continue to increase your ability to complete these moves you can increase the move times and the number of repetitions.

This is a bodyweight workout meaning it doesn't require any equipment or weights. For some of the exercises I use a towel only because I am working out on hard wood floor.

The only two exercises that I feel like need explaining are the kickboxing move and the three-legged dog. For the kickboxing move you shuffle twice to one side while moving arms in and out at the same time as you move your feet in and out. Your arms are parallel with your chest and bent at the elbow. You shuffle twice to the right and crunch you left knee to your right elbow and then shuffle twice to the left and crunch your right knee to your left elbow. For the three-legged dog you start in the yoga pose downward dog and lift one leg into the air moving into three-legged dog. Then bring your knee to your crest and even with your arm on the same side as the lifted leg. Then you lift the leg back into three-legged dog or in the air. Next you bring your knee to the center of your arms, lift your leg back into three-legged dog and finally bring your knee to your opposite arm crossing over your chest. Repeat this exercise on each leg.

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