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Beach Read by Emily Henry Book Review

Reasons For Reading This Book

As I have mentioned in some of my recent book reviews, I am working through my best friends book list. I first read  People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry. After loving that book, I thought why not read another one of Emily Henry's other books. This one was also on my best friends book list, she never finished it. I was also in the mood for a lighter easy romance book. As I am now on Book Instagram, I am always seeing this book and how much people love it so I thought why not read it. That is how I came to read Beach Read by Emily Henry

I should also mention I read and reviewed this book in November/December of 2021.

Content of the Book

January Andrews is a romance writer who no longer believes in love and Augustus Everett is a literary writer with writers block. During the summer on the lake the two enter a challenge for both personal and professional reasons. Other than the fact that they are both writers, neighbors, broke, and experiencing writers block, they are complete opposites. In this challenge Augusts has to write a romance novel and January has to write the next Great American novel. Throughout the summer they experience the highs and lows of life and go on field-trips for writing inspiration. Will the summer end in romance and one or two great books? Read to find out.


Don't judge a book by its cover, the same goes for people. Never judge a person without hearing their story. Take risks and go outside of your comfort zone, you just might learn you like it. Don't take life to seriously. Forgiveness takes time.

What I Liked About This Book

I liked how the author included mundane and every day tasks into this book. It made both the story and the characters relatable. Just like People We Meet on Vacation, I found retable aspects in both January and Augustus. I enjoyed some of the humor in this book, but preferred the humor in People We Meet on Vacation more. This book did stir a reaction out of me, which I like to think is the author's goal. I found myself feeling bad for January even though she was blatantly mean to Gus and some of the other people in her life. The author included both adult and childlike romance elements into the book. Even though I did not expect all parts of the ending, it fits with how some rom-coms end. The ending of the book was fitting for how the author set it up from the start. 

What I Disliked About This Book

The cover and title of the book bothered me. The book take place on a lake, but it does not focus at all really on the beach or the water. The cover is more vibrant and lively that I think the book actually is. I felt like the title made me think they were on the coast/beach not Lake Michigan. I can see that the author would title this Beach Read because they are living on a beach and it is an easy read that you might want to take on a beach trip or vacation, but I think a different title would represent that plot of the book better. The book did not grab my attention from the start like People We Meet on Vacation did. There were only bits and pieces of the plot that I was invested in. There was so much going wrong in her life that it was sometime hard to keep up and remember all that was happening. I would have liked to just focus on a few bad things and not as many as the author chose to. I found it really annoying how you knew the whole time that she was interested in Gus romantically. I would have preferred for it to be slow and not a constant topic January narrated about. I never grew an attachment to either characters. I routed for them in some ways and not in others. I found the need to constantly describe January's plain outfits a waste of time and writing. I liked reading about Poppy's outfits in People We Meet on Vacation but did not like that element in this book. Emily Henry was constantly describing band t-shirts for bands that I had never heard of so I did not get the reference. Something that bothered me about the book description written by Emily Henry is that January and Gus are complete opposites. In my opinion this is not entirely true. Yes, they are opposite is some regards, but the things that they do have in common are big portions of their lives making it easy for them to relate to one another in a way that they might not be able to with someone else. 

Would I Recommend This Book?

Contrary to popular belief, I would not recommend this book. I ultimately disliked more about this book than I liked about this book. If you are looking for a rom-com I would recommend People We Meet on Vacation over this book everyday. I keep finding that I like the first book I read of an author's and not the second one I read of theirs. The same thing happened with Taylor Jenkins Reid's The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and Daisy Jones and the Six. 

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