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Coral Reef and Save the Ocean Weekly Bullet Journal Spreads

For those who follow my blog or my social media accounts then you may know that I am currently a junior in college majoring in environmental studies with a minor in education. A couple of months ago I posted Bee Themed Weekly Bullet Journal Planner Spreads as a way to educate on the importance of programs, education and awareness of the need to save pollinators like bees while incorporating one of my passions, bullet journaling. For this blog post I thought I would do the same thing but focus on coral reefs, marine life and the ocean in general.

I plan digitally, using an iPad and the application GoodNotes and Bargain Depot Stylus 2 Pack from Amazon. Currently I am still using GoodNotes 4. If you are curious to why I plan digitally you should check out my blog post Switching to a Digital Planner-Paperless Planning.

Why Coral Reefs?
I have always found coral reefs and marine life to be interesting as a topic to learn about. It wasn't until I started doing personal researching on different environmental issues that I discovered how important it is to educate on the the severity of coral reef bleaching and the overall health of oceans.

What is Coral Reef Bleaching?
Coral bleaching is where healthy coral become stressed due to changes in its environment like an increase in the ocean water, pollution, overexposure to sunlight and extreme low tides. When the healthy coral becomes stressed the algae living in the coral leave. Without algae living on the coral it is left bleached in color, even more vulnerable to environmental changes, and with the lose its main food source it is even more susceptible to disease.

What makes bullet journaling such a creative way to express yourself and your personal taste is that you can take some of the ideas from these different spreads and either add more and take away what you don't like. My purpose for sharing bullet journal spreads is to inspire and get those creative ideas flowing so that you can create something that is uniquely yours.

Weekly Spread #1

I wanted to start of with the top of the ocean. Instead of waves I went with bubbles. This spread works best when you have a less busy week or just track less things in your weekly spreads. For this spread I provided two options or ways in which you could take the idea/layout. The first one is simple and only has big bubbles for each day of the week (I split my weekly spreads into two pages). For the second option I added smaller bubbles around each daily bubble. Another idea to add more to this spread is by drawing small sea life around the bubbles either in color or just in black and white. When filling out this spread a curvy cursive would be so beautiful and tie in the idea that its moving with the waves of the ocean.

Weekly Spread #2

When making spreads for blog posts like this, I always try to include spreads and layouts that fit a variety of different planner styles. This next surface level ocean themed planner spread is geared towards those who have a minimalistic planner style. The main design element is the tiny bubbles surrounding the days of the week. The light blue highlight adds a subtle hint of color that is not too over powering. An idea that I had for how to fill out this spread is by creating an ombré effect with blues as you move down the spread each day. I would start with a light blue color at the top of each daily box and then gradually get darker ending with a deep navy at the bottom of each daily box. Another idea is to use a variety of bold, thin and curvy fonts within each daily box. You could use different fonts to signify events or tasks that are occurring regularly within your week.

Weekly Spread #3

Moving further down into the layers of the ocean this next spread is decorated with tiny doodles of sea creatures. I drew a small sea creature in the corner of each daily box. Personally I would not add anymore doodles to this spread with there being already being such a vibrant blue color highlighting the boxes. For this specific layout there is room at the bottom of one of the two spreads to put a weekly to do list, weekly goals or simply any other list that you want. An idea for the smaller box is to make a weekly habit tracker for one habit. If your planner style is more colorful than what this provides then you could easily change the color scheme or color each sea creature a different color.

Weekly Spread #4

This fourth spread highlights one of my favorite sea creatures, star fish. This style of layout comes from my Star Themed Weekly Bullet Journal Spread Ideas blog post and my Fourth of July Weekly Bullet Journal Spread Ideas blog post. Each day of the week has a large star fish and a daily food log next to it. Even though this spread is displayed with a light orange color scheme it could easily be changed to fit the color of your monthly theme or any other color preference that you have. As I do with most of my designs I start out simple and then copy and paste the page using tools in the GoodNotes App to duplicate the page. Once I have a duplicate I then continue to add drawings to see if I like it with more or less. Since I like both the simple version and the more detailed version for this spread I thought I would share both. The more detailed version has smaller star fish scattered around the whole page. To add more color to the spread I also highlighted the smaller star fish in a lighter shade of orange.

Weekly Spread #5

Now that we are at the floor of the ocean its time to start seeing spreads with coral in them. The idea for this spread is what inspired the concept behind this blog post. After listening to podcasts and watching documentaries I learned that there are so many different species of corals that serve a variety of purposes for the health and environment of the coral reef and the shelter for many different species of fish. For this spread I went with a simple vertical layout that had enough room at the bottom to create a coral reef with a variety of different species of coral. I drew corals that had different textures, heights and overall appearance. To further differentiate the different species I also used a variety of pastel colors. There are two different ways you could go about filling out this weekly spread. You could continue to use colorful stickers, highlighters and pens to write in each box or you could just use black pen and have the main focus be the coral at the bottom.

Weekly Spread #6

This last spread brings all of the levels of the ocean together by starting with the bubbles at the top of the waves and ending with the coral on the ocean floor. I reused the same days of the week headers from the second spread and just added two types of coral to the bottom to round out the spread. To stick with a bright color scheme the coral are colored yellow and orange. Similarly to what I said about the second weekly spread, as a way to bring in the idea that this spread starts at the top of the ocean and moves down to the bottom using an ombré effect with blue pens as you fill out each daily box is one way to do just that.

I hope that this spread both inspired you to crate beautiful yet functional coral reef and ocean themed spread for your planner and to educate yourself on the importance of working to protect coral reefs. Happy planning!!!


Podcast: How Coral Reefs Work by Stuff You Should Know
Documentary: Chasing Coral a Netflix Documentary
What You Can Do to Help Protect Coral Reefs

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